Support The State House and it’s mission to create a hub for music, arts, and cultural experiences that mirror New Haven’s diverse community while also introducing it to global artists and genres from around the world. We believe that culture creates community, and the community creates culture.

“Affordable, maintainable cultural spaces that can afford to take risks with programming can have tangible beneficial knock-on effects in a wider, communal sense. They can help strengthen a sense of local community and prevent cultural or local erasure, provide recreation, bridge social divides, define neighborhoods and benefit the city’s cultural health at large.”

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Choose from 3 different membership levels.

  • World Beat Membership

    World Beat Membership


    The State House brings in a plethora of genres from all over the world to Downtown New Haven. From Columbian cumbia to Mali blues, from Tuareg to Salsa we’re producing the most unique world music experiences anywhere in Connecticut. “If you have any interest in international music, pull up the State House’s website and mark the date of every act you see that is not from this country. Save your pennies and attend. Their international concerts are so consistently superlative...” - New Haven Independent

    • Receive up to 8 tickets for world music shows at the World Beat Member discount.
    • Discounts on our new World Beat Passports - multi-show tickets during a season.
    • Receive early access emails and information about the artists we’re bringing in.
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  • Sustaining Membership

    Sustaining Membership


    You appreciate the diverse range of music and events The State House produces from neo-soul to sludge metal. You believe in growing New Haven’s music and arts scene and the mission of The State House to produce shows that mirror New Haven’s diverse community.

    • Receive up to 8 tickets at the Sustaining Member discount.
    • Receive early access emails to upcoming shows.
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  • Community Membership

    Community Membership


    The State House works hard and “regularly put a lot on the line to make sure good acts come to New Haven, and play shows that are intimate, affordable and truly memorable” as the New Haven Independent recently reported. Show your support for our local venue, local artists, and our local community.

    • Receive up to 4 tickets at the Community Member discount.
    • Receive early access emails to upcoming shows.
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Benefits of Membership
  • Tax Deductible

    All memberships are tax deductible through our proud partnership with The Arts Council of Greater New Haven.

    Arts Council of Greater New Haven
  • Member Discounts

    State House members receive discounts on select shows. Member discounts are between 15% and 30% off tickets depending on the show and membership level.

  • Free Member Events

    Invites and free access to specific events throughout the year.

Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Corporate Membership

    All in one show sponsorships and group tickets combine the enjoyment of attending a show with notable visibility for your business or brand. Give your employees and guests complimentary tickets while you reach the audience that fits your brand best.

  • Show Sponsorship

    Sponsor shows and promote your business to thousands of music and arts lovers, reach a millennial and gen-x audience. Reward your clients and employees with complimentary tickets.

  • Season Sponsorship

    Interested in sponsoring a season of shows or a specific genre? The State House designs custom packages that help you reach your target audience as well as provide rewards for your clients and employees. From branding/logo placement to social media posts, from complimentary tickets to preshow receptions we make your brand and experience memorable.

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